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Melissa Kyle, Owner

I have been fascinated with stained glass since about the age of seven, my family acquired some beautiful antique pieces of stained glass from a mansion in my hometown and my love began there.  When my children reached high school age, I decided it was time for me to fulfill my desire to learn how to make stained glass, and in one of those classes is where I met Ken.  We talked about our shared desire to learn how to fuse glass and decided to take a class in Michigan.  I do believe the magic began there, we discovered the joy of creating beautiful pieces that not only did we love, but others did too!  We pride ourselves on originality and truly enjoy the constant drive to stay fresh in our work.  I created my business "Kylee Kreations" in October of 2008, and it has been an interesting roller coaster ride ever since then.  My hope for this website is to expand our presence in the fused glass world and put Kylee Kreations on the map!

Ken Lee, Contributing Artist

I wanted to learn how to create stained glass pieces. There were no classes available where we lived, so I visited the internet and found enough information to make me dangerous and got started learning by the seat of my pants. That was about 17 years ago , and I have been learning everyday since.

I met Melissa in a workshop in Sandusky. In talking we discovered that each of us was interested in learning the techniques of fusing glass. We took a 5 hour course in East Lansing, Michigan and began our endeavor to become fused glass artists.

Melissa started Kylee Kreations in 2008, and I signed on as a contributing artist. Since it's inception, Kylee Kreations has become one of the fastest growing, innovative studios in Northern Ohio.

If you like non-traditional, free form jewelry and glass art then check out the pages that follow and see if you like Kylee Kreations. 

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