Creating keepsakes

We build your dreams in glass

Your designs just keep getting prettier & prettier.....I love them all !!! ~Julie”

Each life is different. Each piece of art is different.

Sometimes you may find a bit of art that reminds you of a time or a person. But if you commission a work of art inspired by an important color swatch or a cherished photograph, the result is your life. We are Kylee Kreations. We infuse your life into our glass.

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 Melissa Kyle

Our most recent dreams

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Magic Cube
US $285

This ex­traordin­ary piece of glass art is a com­bin­a­tion of fused glass and the tra­di­tion­al leaded stained glass. The cen­ter pan­el is fused glass made from glass frit and glass stringers. The black frame is stained glass. This piece can be ordered and will re­quire 4-6 weeks lead time.  


"Smile" is a 3-D glass art piece commissioned by a client.  The boat, water and sky are fused glass made from glass frit , stringers and noodles. The sails (providing the 3-D effect ) are made from glass pieces that were slumped  in a kiln.  If you have a photo you would like reproduced, please E-mail us.


Geode Explosion

US $140 With Stand

Enchanted Dichroics

US $60

The Great Lakes

10 " Diameter

$179 with stand which holds a candle

$144 without stand

Teardrop Trio
US $120 

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